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Cultural Capability Building 

We have a suite of cultural capability services that are garuanteed to provide solutions for any workplace that endeavours to foster a workplace that is culturally safe

We can assist organisations to achieve their strategic cultural capability objectives.

Best Capability Building Program
Best Blended Learning Program
Best Diversity and Inclusion Program

Cultural Appreciation

Cultural Appreciation

Our cultural appreciation training is our marquee program and is described by our clients as the best of its kind.

This training is designed to build foundation levels of cultural awareness and is guaranteed to 
give participants an appreciation and respect for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people, customs, cultures and traditions.

The training is targeted at mainstream organisations that are striving to create culturally safe environments and meet reconciliation objectives.

Training can be offered either virtually or face to face and includes but not limited to the following topics: 
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Big Power Movements



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Strategic Cultural Capability 

We can assist organisations to achieve their strategic cultural capability objectives.  

We take a client first approach by understanding that you and your workforce are the experts in your industry.  We endeavour to extract this knowledge and present it back to you through a cultural lens and fill any gaps that may present themselves.  This approach ensures that you have buy-in from all stakeholders across your business and heightens your chances for you to reach your cultural capability destination.



Mentoring & Coaching

Retention and career progression of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people can often be a challenge for many workplaces.  But don't worry we have a solution for you.
Our mentoring and coaching services provide a unique opportunity for you to provide a workplace that supports and grows Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander employees.

We understand what it takes to foster environments that are inclusive and culturally safe .  By building mentoring and coaching into the fabric of your business you are investing in your future to ensure you have better:

  • Employee engagement

  • Employee satisfaction

  • Employee happiness

  • Retention rates

  • Promotion rates

  • attraction 

  • representation and diversity in leadership

  • More inclusive culture

  • Increased productivity

  • Better communication 


Our specialised First Nations Mentoring and Coaching services includes:

  • A cultural exchange through two way learning

  • Development of organisational specific mentoring and coaching guidelines, agreements and plans

  • Sourcing and matching of mentors

  • Targeted mentor and mentee training

  • Group and one on one coaching of mentees

  • Group and one on one coaching of mentors

  • Coaching of supervisors 


Our mentoring training is targeted at both mentors and mentee and includes:

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Cultural Appreciation

Mentoring styles

Leading through a cultural lens


Mentoring tools and models


Maintaining the relationship


Practical Solutions

to discuss how we can tailor a model to meet your needs

Being a mentor can give you insight into your own work challenges and management style.

Cultural Appreciation

We have been able to capture the unique experience that we offer to the classroom and transform it into a complete eLearning package 

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